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Our worlds are changing rapidly, we must adjust to the new digital world. Welcome to The Avy Project, where community meets blockchain and we change people’s lives through our Academy, Avy Marketplace, NFT community projects, unique mining devices, our Internet and Avy network services and our Token that links it together.

Imagine a world with equalization, a fairness system that enables marginalized communities’ access to training and education and then having the opportunity to utilize their skills for sustained independence. A learn to earn system. We have longed for the change to create a solid business to change people’s lives. Our blockchain will enable a Token that will be linked to nominated social impact programs that enable lifelong change. Using Cryptocurrency ensures our community has a share in the latest opportunities to be progressive in their ability to create independence. Do you see an equalized world?


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The Avy NFT Academy

A learn to earn system where we educate our community in key development areas. Our community get rewarded in Avy Tokens


Avy Marketplace and NFT Collection

The Avy marketplace and platform engages artists to use the Avy Apps NFTs after completion of the Avy Academy. They will be rewarded with Avy Tokens


The Avy Impact fund

Our Avy Impact Fund projects gain investment through our Token, we enable social economic benefits whilst The Avy Project gains increased market value There are decentralized rewards.


Avy Network and Mining devices

The mining devices that connect to the Avy Network, will be key to improve Education and access to the Digital world through our utility and rewarded with Avy Tokens


Avy Token

The Avy Token will play a pivotal role in our blockchain to ensure we change the lives of our community through social impact. More Avy Token rewards


Phase 1 Qtr 1 2023

: R&D Software and Hardware                                      
: Govt Funding raise for Academy
: Academy build and launch
: Govt and Grant funding

Phase 2 Qtr 2 2023

: Increased marketing and press releases
: Manufacture of Mining Devices
: Seed Capital Raise 33% Investor Tokens
: Development of Blockchain and Token
: Development of Infrastructure of ISP and IaaS

Phase 3 Qtr3 2023

: Continue marketing efforts and social presence
: Avy Token Public sale 200 million Tokens
: Release of the IaaS
: Release of the devices and Blockchain
: Release of the NFT Collection
: Series A Capital Raise 33% Investor Tokens

Phase 4 Qtr 4 2023

: Series B Capital Raise 33% Investor Tokens
: Lease manufacturing Hub in Africa for devices


Read our Whitepaper for more information about our projects, and our Humanity Token WHITE PAPER

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Our team was built on community through the Founder Ronnie El Cheikh in Australia and is now spread globally. With a diverse set of skills contributing to a world community project.

Ronnie El Cheikh


A serial entrepreneur and business operations leader. Founder & Director of multiple businesses in Australia, bringing a wealth of business prowess.

Jordan Burgess

Tokenomic governance and development

Jordan is an Entrepreneur, developer and Web3 expert. A passion for crypto and business with more than 5 years of knowledge in the crypto sector. Joined the team for his opportunity to make social impact real in Africa.

Jesko Hoffmann

Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing specialist with several years of experience in different marketing roles. The work experience ranges across different countries in Southern Africa in various industries.

“I thrive off of growth and progression. My focus is to build a network of like-minded individuals striving to take their lives, companies and communities forward in a positive way through the Avy Project.”

Jitu Patani


Jitu has vast experience in project design and prototyping social impact projects. At AVY Jitu will help in connecting organisations to the marketplace and be part of designing an AVY global community to work towards how decentralised communities will help poverty alleviation and create an inclusive society via a single marketplace.

Tristan Bell

Tokenomic governance

A young crypto enthusiast with an extensive background in cryptocurrency investments and blockchain developments. Tristan is the co-founder of African NFT and is a believer and supporter of a crypto-fueled future.


Category Allocation Tokens %Allocation
Initial allocation for initial
Public Sale Sale open to the public 200,000,000.00 20%
Insider Team 200,000,000.00 20%
Investor Tokens 100,000,000.00 10%
Strategic Reserves 200,000,000.00 20%
Advisor amount 1,000,000.00 0.1%
Community Donations 8,000,000.00 0.8%
Academy Users (Tokens that will be given as rewards for courses) 90,000,000.00 9%
Market Place User (Tokens given to first user of the platform) (airdrop) 1,000,000.00 0.1%
Device Owner Tokens (First buyers of device will receive tokens) (airdrop) 50,000,000.00 5%
Mining 60,000,000.00 6%
Staking 90,000,000.00 9%
TOTAL 1,000,000,000.00 100%